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King-good Group was established in 2003

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King-good Group was established in 2003. It is a company specializing in R&D, production and manufacturing of optical and mechanical integration equipment, various precision measuring instruments, precision molds, precision metal parts, precision plastic parts, SMT, PP, PA, ABS+degradable materials, etc. Plastic materials and new energy vehicles, printers, mobile phones, ATM machines, household appliances, electrical switches, communication equipment and other OEM, ODM and core parts production are high-tech enterprises with major industries. It has 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries including Jiangxi King-good Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Ripder Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen King-good Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai King-good Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., and King-good Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. With 3,500 employees, the Group's sales revenue in 2015 was 2.39 billion yuan.