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Yi Lianhong in De'an, Komsomolsk: Promoting high-quality leapfrog development with "five-type" government construction

Yi Lianhong in De'an, Komsomolsk: Promoting high-quality leapfrog development with "five-type" government construction

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On the morning of October 31, Governor Yi Lianhong came to Gongqing City and De'an County for investigation. He emphasized that we must implement the important requirements of General Secretary Jinping’s work in Jiangxi from a higher level, and in accordance with the decision and deployment of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 14th Provincial Party Committee, accelerate the construction of a loyal, innovative and responsible service-oriented government, and continue to strengthen various The cohesion, creativity, and combat effectiveness of the government and its staff have forged broad shoulders that dare to take responsibility, strengthened the true ability to do things, and strongly promoted the high-quality development of the province.

Yi Lianhong first inspected the Gongqing Science and Education City, listened to the planning introduction, observed the actual construction, and required high-start and high-standard planning and construction, improved quality, established brand, insisted on opening up schools, and accelerated the open sharing of infrastructure, public services, and teaching resources. , To promote the deep integration of the school and city, and strive to build a first-class modern science and education city in China. Afterwards, he came to the Komsomolsk Fund Town to learn more about the platform operation model and government efficiency. He hoped to learn advanced international concepts, build a fund alliance, play the role of a platform, gather more entrepreneurs and outstanding talents, and continue to improve the fund. The popularity and influence of the town.

During the inspection of the Gongqingcheng government office building, Yi Lianhong had a cordial exchange with the staff of the government to understand the construction of the "five-type" government. Seeing a simple but tidy office with young and energetic staff, Yi Lianhong expressed his appreciation and encouraged everyone to live in the "bad room", to be ambitious, to be the first and to create great achievements. He said with deep feeling that grassroots cadres are at the forefront of reform, opening up, and innovative development, with heavy tasks, high demands, and high pressure. I hope that everyone will set their goals, persevere, benchmark against the advanced, forge ahead, and build the Komsomolsk city into a holy place for the youth of the country and a highland for "double innovation".

Yi Lianhong also inspected the Gongqing City CITIC Heavy Industry Robot Industrial Park and Dean County King-good Technology Co., Ltd. to learn more about the transformation and innovation development of the company. He hopes that the company will increase R&D investment, master key core technologies, seize the commanding heights of development, and strive to achieve an outbreak Type growth. He asked the local government to provide high-quality and efficient services for enterprises in combination with the "five-type" government construction. Yuanjiashan Village in De'an County is the hometown of Yuan Longping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. When he came to the Yuanjiashan Modern Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Yi Lianhong visited the Longping Science Education Exhibition Hall, watched the exhibition and listened to the introduction, and emphasized that he must learn from the precious spirit of Academician Yuan Longping to pursue the truth, be brave in innovation, strive for progress, and strive to be first-class. The post created extraordinary performance.

During the inspection of Jiangxi King-good Technology Co., Ltd., Governor Yi Lianhong learned in detail about the company's transformation, innovation and development, and fully affirmed the company's high-end precision measuring equipment, precision molds and other related products, corporate culture and management experience.

After listening to Chairman Zhou Ziji’s introduction of King-good Group, Governor Yi Lianhong expressed his earnest hope to King-good Technology Co., Ltd.: He hopes King-good Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, and adhere to the "three feelings." (National sentiment, hometown sentiment, corporate sentiment), "three health" (ideological health, physical health, pocket health), continue to grow bigger and stronger, and strive to build a century-old enterprise. Hope that King-good Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to increase R&D investment, master key core technologies, continuously improve product quality, and strive to build a world-class brand. Hope King-good Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to talent training, and introduces and trains more outstanding talents for Jiangxi. Yi Lianhong requires that the province, city, and county levels should focus on supporting the growth of enterprises, combining with the construction of the "five-type" government, providing enterprises with high-quality and efficient services, and striving to build King-good Technology Co., Ltd. into a tens of billions of enterprises. An, nine